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Disclaimer: Slightly 18+ content ahead.

It’s April 2019 and Elections are going on in full swing with their witty Ad campaigns. In 2014, BJP had invested the massive amount of Rs. 4300 crores for theirs Digital Promotion which was also the biggest reason for their Epic win. This year they have invested even more to get an entry into their Second term. So lets look at their Digital Video campaigns and try to find a pinch of humor somewhere.

In this below video, you can see how the girl whose upset with her boyfriend tell “Yeh Phone isliye karta hai kyunki Modi ne data sasta kar diya hai

Previously, I use to wonder why Ambani used Modi’s photo on front page promoting Jio. You can clearly see that then we thought Ambani used Modi’s name to promote his business.

But look at the irony now, BJP is promoting themselves on Twitter by indirectly using Jio’s name and taking credits for How Indians are using 1GB 4G Data on daily basis. Good for those who are all in a relationship. To the bachelors who still think that they’ll get their love of their life, for you Stand up Comic Kunal Kamra had said “ Ambani jaisa koi dayalu aadmi hai? Bete ko Job pe lagana tha toh poore desh ko wifi free de diya. Ab poora desh ek haath me phone aur doosre me la**a pakad ke betha hai.

While writing this blog, my core subject was BJP’s Election campaigns but now that I am writing down I noticed that it’s completely funny. I completely take blame for all of this.

But wait, I am not sorry for this. At least there is some humor in what I have written above unlike what happens every day in the 9 pm debate that the nation doesn’t want to know.

Now, If you ask me about the performance of this government, I would like to tell you that I am as dissatisfied and clueless of what they are doing like these two old men who are so unhappy to have our very own Surgeon cum Joker Politician Sambit Patra between them. I don’t get it when Politicians go to villages and visit the houses of people and have lunch with them.

Sorry guys, it was supposed to entertain you but some things really go bouncer over my head. So to lighten this up and also if you are someone who thinks is having a bad day today, please watch the below video and cheer your childhood memories.

So guys, hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing this. Below are the few other clips of the Ad campaigns by BJP. Please watch them and comment what you feel about the Current Election Scenes in India.

Hey girls out there! Delhi is totally safe now. Watch “Delhi Crime” streaming exclusively on Netflix. #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar

Now Order More food because GST = BUY 1 GET 1 FREE. Why does Zomato Gold even exists. #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar

Constructive criticism is always welcome from everyone. But please don’t write a classic shit like “Problem hai toh Pakistan Chale Jao.” or “Yeh pakka Naxali hai.” Be a little more creative. To wrap it up, I would like to tell everyone that do step out from your house and give a vote. Make your best candidate win.

Have you come across any other Ad campaigns which can beat this? Comment down below for everyone.

Thank You!

NOTE: The author is not a Anti-BJP person and has never been sponsored by Congress or any other Political Party.

Jitesh Balani

Jitesh Balani is a Pharmacist cum Digital Marketer. He has worked as a Retail Pharmacist for over 4 years and has also worked as an Online Pharmacist in a E-commerce Pharmacy. Because of his passion for writing and addiction of sticking around with Social Media every minute, he started his website www.bakchodindian.com in which he writes about various things trending in Indian Media in a very understandable language which is a mix of both English and other Indian Regional languages.

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Good packing and advertising does not make a bad product good……BJP is that BAD product, pretending to be good.